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Winner of Covid-19 Songwriting Contest 


by Margaret Boseroy

Self isolating days, in times of self isolating days,Self isolating days, in times of self isolating days,
I spend most time alone, when I’m out I’m out I’m unknown, With a mask on. 
self isolating days, I have my self isolating ways.
With yarn and crochet hooks, I make hats, scarfs, and gloves.
I stitch away with love and patience.
Yarn creations grow like best friends,
but I’m at home, and all alone.

Who cares if I make pretty presents. 
Friends and family have more sense than to leave their homes.
Can’t send them by phone. 

Self isolating days, in times of self isolating days,
I spend most time alone, when I’m out I’m out I’m unknown, With a mask on. 
Self isolating days, I have my self isolating ways.
I finally have the time, write songs that almost rhyme.
I hum melodies all day and then try some lyrics,
Try them again, but I’m at home, and all alone.
I’d like someone to bounce ideas off.
Inner voices just aren’t enough, I’m still alone. 
At least theirs the phone. 

Self isolating days, when will these self isolating days be over?
I miss my friends.  This has to end any day now.

Self isolating days, though I have self isolating ways,
I find I pace the halls; starting to climb the walls.
With Covid-19 lurking out there,
Want to meet friends but I don’t dare.
Slow the spread, so the doctors said.
We’re social creatures, but we have to flatten the curve.
No less will do.  Hang on tight.  It’ll be alright. 
See you soon…  maybe in June… when life resumes…


Enjoy Neighborhood Music piano teacher Yafei Lin's composition: Covid-19 Fantasy
Covid-19 Fantasy

Written & Performed by NMS teacher Yafei Lin

I wash my hand wash my face I wipe down my phone spray the keys Don't touch your face don't shake the hands distancing just for temporary
Eat potato drink the beer No toilet paper but I can rinse Lying the floor TV all day No food stock up I eat air
Pease Pease the flight (war) will cease 
Ease Ease together it'll pass
Test test the world being test
Awake awake Humanity is there
Don't pick your nose don't sneeze one me Distancing just for temporary Don't rub your eyes you're on the risk
I love you so, but just away from me 

Covid-19 Songwriting Contest ended April 30, 2020

- Entry must be composed and performed by a current or recent 2020 Neighborhood Music School student
- Up to 2 Entries per student permitted
- Instrumental piece or songs with lyrics accepted
- Entry should include:

1. student's full name
2.  teacher's name
3.  length of time studying music at Neighborhood Music
4.  most valuable lesson(s) or skill(s) learned from your teacher(s) at NMS (1-2 sentence answer)
5.  most valuable experience gained by being at home because of the Covid-19 crisis (1-2 sentence answer)
6.  background or description to each submitted song entry (1-7 sentences each entry)
7.  upload each performed piece separately on to Google Drive, Youtube, or some other cloud-based drive, and share link with
8.  email a copy of the score, and answers to questions 4, 5, and 6 to
9.  Deadline for entry is 11:59pm on April 30, 2020.  All questions must be answered and content emailed and uploaded by this time.

- creativity and relevance of the score to the Covid-19 crisis (40%)
- performance quality   (40%)
- answers to questions 4, 5, and 6   (20%)

With permission from performer, winners' videos will be featured on the Neighborhood Music School website and social media.
First Prize winner will receive 4x 30 minute online lessons, to be used within the months of May and June.
Everyone wins:  Everyone who completes a submission will receive a gift card ranging from $5-$50, good for merchandise at Neighborhood Music Store.

Covid-19 Songwriting Contest

Please complete the form below by April 30 to enter

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