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Re-Opening with Caution

While all of our lessons will be accessible online as before, Neighborhood Music will have a soft launch for just a small number of students and teachers who would prefer live in-person lessons.  All teachers who are giving in-person lessons have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19.  

Facility adaptations

1)  Plexiglass panels at front desk and in rooms to separate teacher from student
2)  Mirrors on walls to still communicate face to face
3)  Face masks are mandatory on premises except in a vocal or wind instrument lesson.
4)  Face shields can be worn by instructors and made available for students to purchase
5)  Maximum capacity in small rooms:  2 in same household + 1 teacher
6)  Maximum capacity in large room 6 singles or 4 family units
7)  Meticulous cleaning of keyboard by teachers between lessons
8)  Additional twice or more daily cleaning of bathrooms, public handles, knobs
9)  A/C HVAC >1 micron bacterial air filtration are installed!
10) Health monitor on site to enforce safety protocol

Policy Changes:

Any missed lesson because of schedule conflict or sickness can be made up online.  Forgetting to show up at a lesson will still not be refundable or made up.  

Here are the strictest guidelines for retail and rentals from the COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER OF THE HEALTH OFFICER, which we measure up to, and the updated guidelines for the December 2 TARGETED SAFER AT HOME ORDER with exemptions.

Attached is our instructor employee protocol document for facilities usage at NMS:  Employee Health Protocol


Max 30 people in the lobby.  Rock Band performances will take place outside.

Masks must be worn at all times by all participants except when playing a wind instrument.  All wind instruments have been confirmed as vaccinated, however, there will be plexiglass shields separating players from each other and the audience.

Please email us your vaccination report if you have one (we will take your word if you cannot find your official verification card)

Send in health report thru Apple Covid-19 APP 




Check in with temp check & hand sanitizer upon arrival.  Temperature must be below 99.9 degrees to enter the premises

Recital will be LIVE streamed for those who cannot attend in person

During this time when California has declared a state of emergency and has determined the coronavirus outbreak "past the point of containment," and until NMS determines the crisis is over, we at NMS will have to take the strictest measures regarding teacher and student illness.

NOTE:  some of the below restrictions go beyond minimum conventional restrictions, and are being put into place in order to provide psychological and emotional comfort to the listening party.

Anyone who has any fever or cold-like symptoms including sore throat or deep-chested coughingthey should by NO means enter the premises of NMS.  Those recovering from having any fever or cold-like symptoms must stay off the premises for at least 10 days after the symptoms have completely disappeared, or 7 days after a once positive test comes back negative.  

If students have any symptoms, they should notify NMS and their teacher as soon as possible and arrange for a make up lesson.  Make ups will generally be done online.  


Each student, teacher and staff member who has not submitted their vaccination proof to the front desk shall fill out the Covid-19 checklist app found by using an iPhone or any desktop and "share" with your teacher 1-5 hours before arrival:
Click On Icon Below:

Masks are required on the premises.

When students arrive they should have their temperatures taken at the front desk and sanitize or wash their hands.

Voice and wind instrument students may remove masks for their lessons if all parties present are fully vaccinated OR if all parties are separated behind plexiglass stands and 2) wears a face shield (voice)

Teachers will disinfect door handles and piano keyboard before and after entering the room.

The bathroom sink, front desk and chair armrests should be wiped down after usage.  

Thank you for being considerate toward the safety of our community during this time of high alert.

-NMS Management
Over the next 2 months the following teachers will offer only online lessons: 

Shirley: Chinese
Suzanne: violin, viola
The following teachers are offering online lessons upon request but are still available for live one-on-one lessons:
Carolyn: piano
Devon:  tuba, brass, double bass, electric bass
Eve:  piano
Gary:  piano
Jared: cello, piano
Jason: guitar, bass, ukulele
Jonathan:  voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, drums
Joshua: woodwinds
Ken: guitar
Kenny:  drums
Lori: flute, piano
Ryan:  violin / viola
Sean:  guitar, bass, ukulele

Yafei:  piano

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