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Carolyn Iga's life model:

Throughout the last ten years signs and wonders increased in Carolyn's life, leading her into Asia where she has been constantly lead into new locations and people groups, and where she spends many months each year while her staff run the music school in Arcadia.  The message she carries is “there is a God, and he loves you.” She ministers in areas of inner healing, pastoral care,  mentoring, and journeying alongside individuals. Carolyn, the founder of Assignments International Inc. has a Masters in Music from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Masters in Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, and has served as associate pastor and music minister at several mainline churches in the Los Angeles area. In 2007 she opened Neighborhood Music School in Arcadia, and continues to serve as pastoral and music director roles at various churches in the LA area.

"What good is religion if we are not loving God and loving and sharing our blessings with all people of all backgrounds and belief systems, and with the immigrants and the poorest among us? All my life, I have desired to love God with all my heart through desiring to live an authentic life with people through honesty, kindness, and integrity, focusing on educating the fatherless and motherless among us, and helping people and communities who have suffered devastation or loss find their economic engine. This is my reason for engaging in business, education, having a not-for-profit organization, living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, valuing all living creatures, and engaging with the sometimes wayward Christian church.

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Assignments International Inc. 
-  resourcing those born into poverty, or who have sustained loss or devastation, by providing and nurturing basic and spiritual needs, education, and means to an economic engine, that can bring about self-sustainability for individuals, family units, and communities.
-  committed to walking out our God-given assignements.
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Arcadia Weekly Article on Carolyn 2014

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